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Learn more about our Security Philosophy

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you formally to ET Security, California's finest full service security company. ET Security is a security company whose unique ideas in security and service in management make it one of the most trusted companies throughout Southern California. With great pride, we offer a philosophy of pro-activity security that will become a standard you and your staff can expect. Our hands-on reputation has made ET Security one of California's best-managed security companies.

We always refer to our employees as “Officers.” We never refer to them as “Guards”, as we feel that they deserve the respect they have earned by their diligence to their chosen careers.

ET Security Management Staff has over 16 years of combined experienced in law enforcement, as well as private contract security and corporate security. Additionally, ET Security management has law enforcement training background. Our company is a gathering of extensive and diversified ... Read more
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ET Security's designed approach is to provide professional assistance to our clients in developing, staffing and operating a security program. The entire ET Security Management Staff members provide direct support to you as our professional services. This support includes security officer training, supervisory training, loss prevention consulting and operations methodology.

ET Security is more than confident that it can provide the superior service that you as a client can expect to receive. We have internal staff meetings and with consistent personnel service. With an open door policy and close client relationships, ET Security client base continues to grow.

Prevention Is Our Objective

Recruiting Procedures:
ET Security's hiring procedure involves screening job applications followed up by interviews and state conducted background checks. We conduct background checks on all prospective employees including contact with former employers to discuss work-related abilities, punctuality and attitude. We check personal references on all applicants. In accordance to the State Issuance of guard license through Consumer Affairs, and Department of Justice Criminal histories are checked.
Criteria for Disqualifying Applicants From Employment Include:
ET Security employs individuals who function well in the public and have a professional persona, appearance and excellent verbal skills.
  • Failure to meet State licensing qualifications
  • Failure to achieve 100% passing score on guard test
  • Unacceptable reading and writing skills
  • Poor hygiene, dress, or attitude
  • Poor communication skills
  • Lack of common sense

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